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About us

The Global Gas Centre (GGC) is a non-profit organization, based in Geneva, dedicated to executives and experts of natural gas companies who want to share views and best practices on a neutral, independent and inclusive organization. The GGC is a unique platform with the objective of promoting sustainable energy with a particular focus on issues related to the natural gas sector.


What is the GGC?

Our programme is based on the priorities and interests of the gas sector.

  • International & European perspectives via specific gas sessions at global events.
  • The scope of the GGC is worldwide and open to all companies who wish to engage in dialogue and foster international gas cooperation.
  • The GGC has a specific partnership with the World Energy Council (WEC). It favours and facilitates the dialogue amongst multi-stakeholders in the energy world. Present in almost 100 countries, the WEC informs global, regional and national energy strategies and works through its extensive member network to facilitate a global energy policy dialogue. This partnership with the WEC is also strengthening the dialogue between governments and gas companies.
Global Gas Centre

The GGC is based in Geneva, which benefits from:

  • The neutral status of Switzerland.
  • Proximity with the international organizations and associations. In this regard, the GGC signed in 2016 an Memorandum of Understanding with UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development).
  • International environment of Geneva, which is easily accessible and well connected to many cities with a central airport.
  • Status of this city as one of the most important hub for the trading of commodities, which means that many energy companies have offices in Geneva.

Organizations & Companies


The Global Gas Centre consists of leading organizations and companies from all around the world.

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WEC Partnership

Global Gas Centre

The World Energy Council (WEC) is the principal impartial network of leaders and practitioners promoting an affordable, stable and environmentally sensitive energy system for the greatest benefit of all.

The WEC informs global, regional and national energy strategies by hosting high-level events, publishing authoritative studies and working through its extensive member network to facilitate the world's energy policy dialogue.

Visit the website of the World Energy Council

Global Gas Centre
Global Gas Centre

Formed in 1923, the WEC is the UN-accredited global energy body, representing the entire energy spectrum, with more than 3,000 member organizations located in over 90 countries and drawn from governments, private and state corporations, academia, NGOs and energy-related stakeholders.

Global Gas Centre

WEC-Global Gas Centre

Join us

Join the debate and events to exchange views and best practices with other gas-energy companies.

The GGC offers you and your organization the opportunity to participate in the activities of the GGC’s Programme and to take advantage of an international, open and independent platform for discussion.

Its association with the World Energy Council and proximity to international organizations in Geneva make this unique non-profit organization the best way for your experts to enhance their knowledge network.

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