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About us

The Global Gas Centre (GGC) is a non-profit organization, based in Geneva, dedicated to executives and experts of natural gas companies who want to share views and best practices on a neutral, independent and inclusive platform. The GGC is a unique organization with the objective of promoting sustainable energy with a particular focus on issues related to the natural gas sector.



What is the GGC?

Our programme is focused on the evolving strategic priorities and interests of the global gas industry; this is a dynamic global platform where all gas and energy transition topics are discussed. Our programmes are designed and planned according to a mutual decision within our members, and reflect their evolving interests:

  • International perspectives on the role of gas in the global energy transition.
  • A wide scope of activities with membership not restricted to gas companies alone through an active involvement/interest in the global gas and/or associated industries.
  • An annual programme of meetings and projects reflecting a balanced mix of global and regional themes and topics. The GGC has signed cooperation agreements with select global institutions of repute, which include inter-governmental institutions like UNCTAD (United Nation Conference on Trade and Development) or reseach center such as the International Society of Energy Transition Studies (ISETS).
  • The GGC also has regional partnerships with energy-focused international think-tanks and research institutions, and remains open to any collaboration that is consistent with its objective of open, fact-based and reasoned advocacy of the role of natural gas.


Global Gas Centre

The GGC is based in Geneva, which benefits from:

  • The neutral status of Switzerland.
  • Proximity with the international organizations and associations. In this regard, the GGC signed in 2016 a Memorandum of Understanding with UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development).
  • International environment of Geneva, which is easily accessible and well connected to many cities with a central airport.
  • Status of this city as one of the most important hubs for the trading of commodities, which means that many energy companies have offices in Geneva.

Organizations & Companies


The Global Gas Centre consists of leading organizations and companies from all around the world.

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Our Network

Global Gas Centre

We believe that natural gas has an important role to play in the future energy mix and the global energy transition to a lower carbon economy. This work cannot be done in isolation, and our approach is to continually expand and develop our network of partners in order to enable the gas industry to play its part in the wider global energy sector.

In the Global Gas Centre, we aim at fostering exchange with stakeholders from all across the energy industry. A special focus is also put on innovation with dedicated workshops/seminars on current research projects to pave the way for the decarbonisation of gas, and to ensure that all gases (biomethane, biogas ang hydrogen) can contribute to mitigate climate change.

The role of gas trade and its importance to international trade in global commodities is reflected in our memorandum of understanding with UNCTAD; the GGC closely collaborates with UNCTAD in the Global Commodities Forum which is held every two years.

Our partnership with the International Society for Energy Transition Studies (ISETS) allows our members to be up to date with the latest developments in the energy transition in Asia-Pacific. The ISETS is a worldwide non-profit professional organisation based in Australia, which has members in over 30 nations and international organisations. ISETS was found by a group of 31 energetic and internationally acclaimed professionals who have extensive experiences in energy, environment and other sustainable development issues and three energy institutes. 

In addition, we cooperate closely with the Strategic Minds Company (formerly known as Bingmann Pflüger International), one of Germany’s leading strategy consultancies specializing in energy, commodities and infrastructure. Since 2019, the GGC and the SMC/BPI jointly organize the annual Berlin Gas Session and an Energy Dialogue at the Reichstag, which traditionally takes place in March, to discuss the most pressing strategic energy issues between industry players, leading political decision-makers and key influencers.

Moreover, we are committed to collaborate with academia and the energy policy community as a whole, and have begun a number of partnerships with academic institutions and international think-tanks, such as ISETS or EPRINC (Energy Policy Research Foundation Inc., based in Washington DC).

Global Gas Centre
Global Gas CentreGlobal Gas Centre

Global Gas Centre

Join us

Join the debate and events to exchange views and best practices with other gas-energy companies.

The GGC offers you and your organization the opportunity to participate in the activities of the GGC’s Programme and to take advantage of an international, open and independent platform for discussion.

Its proximity to international organizations in Geneva make this unique non-profit organization the best way for your experts to enhance their knowledge network.

You can write to the Global Gas Centre at

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