Posted on : 29.11.2018

Petrobras and Hanas LNG join the Global Gas Centre

Following its General and Committee Meetings in Brussels on 26 November, the Global Gas Centre is...
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Posted on : 29.11.2018

Articles in Energy Economics by Dr. Xunpeng Shi, GGC Advisor

Dr. Xunpeng Shi, Advisor to the Global Gas Centre, has published two articles in Energy Economics,...
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Posted on : 12.11.2018

Articles on the future of Asian LNG 2018 by GGC Advisor Ashutosh Shastri

Global Gas Centre Advisor Ashutosh Shastri has written two articles on "The Future of Asian LNG...
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Posted on : 04.09.2018

Dr. Thierry Bros' article in Quarterly Gas Review (Oxford Institute for Energy Studies)

How Europe could profit from becoming the worldwide energy storage provider "The coupling of...
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WEC-Global Gas Centre Roundtable "The Role of Natural Gas in the Future European Energy Mix", Brussels, 26.11.2018

The WEC-GGC will hold a meeting in Brussels, on 26 November 2018, on the topic of the role of natural gas in the future European Energy Mix. The roundtable will take place at the European...

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WEC-Global Gas Centre Meeting “Evolutions in LNG contract terms, Atlantic Basin and Pacific Basin”, Barcelona, 18.09.2018

The WEC-GGC will hold a meeting in Barcelona, on 18 September 2018, on the topic of LNG contracts in the Atlantic and Pacific basins. Presentations will be made by three experts on this topic:   -...

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GGC Gas Session at Global Commodities Forum - UNCTAD, Geneva, 24.04.2018

The WEC-Global Gas Centre will hoild a session on natural gas during the Global Commodities Forum organized by UNCTAD in Geneva on 24 April 2018.

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GGC R&D Conference, Switzerland, 17-18.05.2018

The WEC-Global Gas Centre will hold a conference in collaboration with Gaznat SA and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology on “Research and development in the gas industry: focus on new and...

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GGC Gas Session "Natural Gas in an Era of Decarbonization", Berlin, 14-15.03.2018

The WEC-Global Gas Centre will hold a gas session in collaboration with Gazprom Germania on "Natural Gas in an Era of Decarbonization" in Berlin, on 14-15 March 2018.

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Gas Roundtable «The Environmental Advantages of Natural Gas», St. Petersburg, 06.10.2017

The WEC-Global Gas Centre will hold a specific gas session on "The Environmental Advantages of Natural Gas" during the 7th St. Petersburg International Gas Forum.

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GGC Roundtable "Mediterranean Gas Markets", Athens, 30-31.05.2017

The WEC-Global Gas Centre will hold a high-level roundtable in Athens, Greece, on 30-31 May 2017, with a focus on mediterranean gas markets.

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Global Gas Centre Gas Session "Asian gas markets", Tokyo, 06.04.2017

The WEC-Global Gas Centre will hold a special gas session on "Asian gas markets" in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan on 6 April 2017.  Mr. Shigeru Muraki, Executive Advisor for Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd...

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GGC Event "International contracts for the gas sector", Amsterdam, 16.03.2017

The WEC-Global Gas Centre is will hold a high-level event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on 16 March 2017. Experts from the gas industry will discuss a very important topic: International contracts...

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